Unit Name and Lesson Plan Title:
American Revolution Road Map Flow chart
Author: Gretchen Matthews
Grade and Subject: 8th Grade U.S. History
Directions: Students will have to create a road map visual flow chart using a technological program, to show atleast 6 major events that led up to the American Revolution. Students will have to write 4-6 sentences explaining each event and how it relates to the beginning of the revolution. Students will then create road signs using pictures/visuals to help symbolism each event . Afterwards students will then pick 3 events and predict how the revolution and our U.S. History would be different if these events did not happen.

Student Learning Outcomes or Objectives:
Students will have had created a roadmap of the major events (causes) of the American Revolutio using Prezi or Powerpoint and each event will have 4-6 sentences describing the major events with a picture/symbol and then students will predict the outcome of the revolution if 3 major events did not happen.
8.1.4 Identify fundamental ideas in the Declaration of Independence (1776) and analyze the causes and effects of the Revolutionary War (1775–1783), including enactment of the Articles of Confederation and the Treaty of Paris.
8.1.5 Identify and explain key events leading to the creation of a strong union among the 13 original states and in the establishment of theUnited States as a federal republic.
8.1.28 Recognize historical perspective and evaluate alternative courses of action by describing the historical context in which events unfolded and by avoiding evaluation of the past solely in terms of present-day norms.
Total Duration
One class period
Materials and Equipment Needed:
Computer lab for 30 + students,
Lesson and Learning Activities:
Steps including time for each:
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Differentiation within High Ability Group:
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American Revolution Road Map Flow Chart Rubric

Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Points Earned/Points Possible
Description of the major events that led up to the American Revolution using 4-6 sentences for each event.
Student has accurately described events 3 or less
Student has accurately described atleast 4 events that led up to the American Revolution
Student has accurately described all 6 events that led up to the American Revolution

Level One
Level Two
Level Three
Points Earned/ Points Possible
Symbols/Road Signs
Student has created 3 or less symbols/road signs
Student has created atleast 4 symbols/road signs
Student has created all 6 symbols/road signs

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